"There’s an actress, playing a character, who happens to be a clone, who initially impersonates another clone as well as playing a whole other bunch of clones. Who then themselves occasionally impersonate other clones, while already impersonating a completely different clone."

That was my answer…

"Overall, science fiction and genre series themselves cannot seem to grab hold in the more mainstream categories, and the snubs get more offensively short-sighted as the years wane on.

Like Orphan Black, a show very notably — and outrage-inducingly — snubbed these past two years, particularly in the drama acting category thanks to the mind-bendingly good star, Tatiana Maslany. With all the buzz and press and accolades and general obsession the series warrants thanks to the many varied (and utterly splendid) clones she plays, it was shocking last year — and an egregious error this year — that the actress was not one of the nominees.

How can the Critics Choice Awards tout her as the best drama actress two years running and the Television Academy not even give the series a single nomination?”